Comment ça va?

R+KC+I ♥

A Special Love for Renée and Isabelle

"The life that we shared in Paris, so simple, yet so blissful, a simple life of doing something you love, in a place that you love to be..."


From the first few words of our book, life is foretold; the emotion will leave you with tears and with laughter, questioning life's choices while devoting our love entirely to one another---whether we're living in Paris or New York; a love that centers around Renée, Isabelle, KC and our inner circle.

A little love letter

“I love Isabelle’s passion, and you often read my love for the ocean and space and my life went from looking up at the stars to walking among them with her.”

Take a walk with us

If you take one trip in your lifetime--Make it Paris. Enjoy the picturesque charm, cozy cafés, the endless boulangeries, the museums, the ballet, the architecture and pastry shops.

Our first, our last, we're everything

Quel joli temps, Mon Amour. Jamais la fin d'été n'avait paru si belle, coo coo cachoo, always... R+KC+I ♥

Prety thoughts...

Occasionally, an ongoing series will come along and touch you so deeply that you’ll never be the same...

Isabelle ♥
Paris was a place where KC and his inner circle could disappear from the public eye. This book was written posthumously after he had died at the beginning of his novel. It is his memoirs, written in his endless semi-off dark black notepads, non-fiction of course, while he finds himself retracing his steps in Paris, where he lived not by choice; but something that always was… always...
‘always…’ KC wanted to write something interesting, and he did, beautiful and intricately patterned that will make you reexamine your life: driven by lovely thoughts, a narrative that will linger in your mind, carrying you through his works like an epitaph, based on affinity.
Je t'aime Mon Amour