a little bit about us... ♥

Who we are? That's not important, but I can tell you that we've worked for some of the most prestigious agencies, but with all of that... I pause...

The 'main' focus for our website is about our books and our lives together in Paris, and before you begin reading, I want you to know that it was originally written in French, English and Russian; three languages that work well when translated in a poetic way; loving, tearful, painful, humorous, feeling as if we're talking to you, writing to you, while the people in our 'life' story have their own unique voices. So, now that you have a little idea about us..., not much you're probably saying. The most important thing to us is to stay away from the limelight and to disappear completely. KC's books are a blueprint of our lovely times in Paris that will have you packing your bags for France, eating a baguette while sitting along the Seine River reading our books.

C'est moi Isabelle. Now, to our book --- by creating an amount of intimacy between KC and our circle, KC was able to complete fifteen novels, all non-fiction that tied-in back stories, revelations and semi-deep-rooted stories while we wrote these together. One obstacle that I faced is that KC tends to lock things up in that vault of his and nobody has the key, not even me. But little by little, we're all trying to get better. As far as KC is concerned, it's almost hopeless---he bears too much on his shoulders. More than I'd like to discuss.

Like KC and his novels and our life and times in Paris, there are no page numbers, just endless thoughts written in our semi-off dark black notepads, filled with fond, but tough memories, with love, strong friendships and tears. We're lucky that we were able to laugh a few times, but the tears and somber moments overshadowed what could have been, but yet again, KC wanted to delete our books every time he would finish a novel. I'm glad he didn't... -)

It's KC. Paris wasn't love at first sight, it just always was and our times together, we never felt rushed or frustrated. It's as if time stood still. But trying to write our times together in one book would be impossible, but it will make you wonder if something like the kind of relationships we have would really be possible? My answer is yes. In the end, each page will make you laugh, never questioning your love and at times, tears running through your heart, no matter how many times you read it. So, a toast to Renèe and Isabelle, Madeleine, Baby Isabelle, Yulia, Baby Gabriella, Alla, Baby Yasmina, Emmanuelle, Chloé, Solèn, Anabelle, Anastasia, Baby Natalia, Baby Natasha, Mikey, Kevin, Tommy, Billy, Johnny, Pete, AJ, Vlad, Tim, Doc and lots of Hugo's.