Book One

Je ne partirai pas sans toi ♥

Our books are beautiful all at once, the tone and timing will have you fall in love with the girls and the boys wishing that our story will never end---

Excerpt from Book I. Je ne partirai pas sans toi - I'll never let you go

Paris is warm today, and I find myself sitting on the windowsill thinking about KC, while Madeleine is looking at me. She didn't say a word, as I continue to pen my thoughts in my diary. Meanwhile, KC is busy as ever with his endless meetings and phone calls. Something tells me that he and the boys will have to leave for another last-minute business trip.

I took a deep breath and I was distracted by a soft chime coming from the baby's bedroom. There was KC sitting in his chair, holding a small music box that he bought for us in Paris. He's been sitting there for hours listening to the delicate chimes, staring at the Ballerina twirling while confirming my suspicions.

A few hours later, I went back to see how he was and he whispered, 'Isabelle, I can hear your footsteps and I can smell Bertie's Cupcakes. Nutella Banana, right?' I'm still trying to figure out how he does that. But, to more important things. We owe him everything, yet he asks for nothing in return. That also includes the boys who have sacrificed everything for our inner circle.

I remember when KC got up from his chair and he said that he wanted to write a book about us and our times in Paris that resulted in fifteen novels in one year. I couldn't believe it, but nothing's impossible when he decides to do something. KC kept a diary and wrote all of our precious times in his semi-off dark black notepads, as well as us: tens of thousands of pages, along with endless video recordings and tons of photographs with little annotations written behind them. How romantic is that! But what is amazing is how he remembers every single, meticulous detail, but yet he can't remember to change the toilet paper in the bathroom.

Anyway, with that, it brings me to his novels and when you start to read them; about our inner circle, you can feel an awareness and sympathy even though the whole book is centered on a few simple things: love, friendship and a bond. I don't want to spoil it, but you really do get a sense of every single person in his life.

Now, as KC puts it, 'Our novels.' Each sentence is more than just the sum of their parts. I'm so in love to relive my life with these special people. I simply cannot find the words to express what I'm feeling, and I tear at this very moment. I felt engaged and the words, it's moving, I could feel him, I could feel all of us.

In many ways, I look at myself and I think how we all became one, and our circumstances that define us and how we all wound up in Paris together. Was it meant to be? 'No,' says KC. But, I'm beginning to believe him when he says, 'It always was... always.'

We are the heart and soul from our novels, as I look at KC sitting in his chair writing in his diary again. He's lovely, and for that split moment, thoughts of Renèe..., sitting on KC's lap... They really make a lovely couple. As I was saying, it goes beyond this extraordinary bond leaving you feeling engaged and the words---so delicate; and the writing is direct and all that matters is the love within our inner circle, and there will be plenty of moments that will leave you crying with uncontrollable emotions or laughing hysterically while reaching for your sides...

In the end, you'll feel as if we're talking to you, So, trust me, trust us, you'll love it!

I have to go now, because I can hear baby Emmanuelle waking up in the other room. But before I leave, I want you, the readers, to feel our experiences with all its ups and downs, while not passing moral judgement and that is what made these realities a very special love story. I'm in tears just thinking about this book; again, reliving my life as the pages turn; it's too special. Just read it, feel them, feel us because you'll soon find out that this circle of friends would stop at nothing to make sure that the others were content.

So, hold on because KC will take you throughout Paris; his books are a blueprint that takes you everywhere one would want to discover. That includes many of our hiding spots while getting to know all of us.

Bon voyage!

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