Book Three

Jolies Pensèes ♥

Her tears bring life to me, her love is something I can't explain, but we know...

Excerpt from Book III. Jolies Pensèes - Pretty Thoughts

C'est moi, Isabelle. So, we're starting to see Paris again, slowly, and we're beginning to enjoy, somewhat... And, there's Madeleine, my sister, who keeps traveling back and forth from Paris to New York. Although she has her own flat, she's moved in with us and it doesn't seem to bother KC (until now, when she is still there with her husband, baby and Hugo). Sometimes I wonder if anything bothers KC, even though he's starting to open that vault of his with me.

Anyway, that temper of his! Let's just say if you see him walking down the street and he's in one of those moods, I would advise you to walk in the other direction. In fact, run, and when he's with the boys and they're angry as a group, I suggest you leave the country.

But back to our times in Paris and our love for each other, it's nothing like you have ever read before. Guys, during that time, I was starting to find out things about him that I never knew before as we escaped Paris for romantic train getaways while exploring my obsession. Cupcakes. oOops -)

Relax Isabelle. Guys, in this book, Isabelle takes control and she is now the head of household for all the women and the men. As far as her sister is concerned, Madeleine is planning her great escape with Billy (if only Billy was included in her little plan). Soon, all the women in our circle will follow suit while Isabelle creates her own 'little' village in Paris and New York---modernized torch people.

All I know is this guys, you'll be begging for Book 4, Part One and Two to fill in a lot of the blanks as I expand this special love throughout all my novels, our novels...

Now, back to Isabelle. Isabelle paraded me around like she won a trophy and she made sure that every woman in our circle expected to be treated like Queens by their men---oboy. This caused friction with the boys because deep down inside they knew that I did everything for her because it came from my heart. I know deep down inside, the boys felt the same, but don't tell anybody I said that---but as Isabelle always says, 'KC's the normal one and that's not saying much, wink, out of that dysfunctional bunch. I swear, cross my heart...' Thank you, Isabelle.

C'est moi, Isabelle and you're welcome Baby. Guys, over the years, I found myself dropping to my knees because of all the sacrifices KC made for me, for all of us. And again, he never asked for anything in return. Just as long as I was alright, that's all he cared about. 'Take it KC.'

'Alright, Baby.' Isabelle seems to be on a mission: knowing all the secret pastry shops and her relationships with the chefs, they're all frightened of her because if there's one bad review, the place will close. Now, that's what I call power! Isabelle's cupcake obsession is out of control and her romantic emotions are running high and now I'm scared... standing 6 feet tall and weighing 105 pounds with long light brown hair and ocean blue/green eyes... I wouldn't trade it for the world.

C'est moi, Isabelle. So, take our hands because we're going to so many remarkable places throughout Paris, and now, back to endless relevé and pliè. I have to keep those arches strong and flexible.

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