Book Three


Her tears bring life to me, her love is something I can't explain, but we know...

Excerpt from Book III. Jolies Pensèes - Pretty Thoughts

We're starting to see Paris again, slowly, and we're beginning to enjoy it, somewhat... And there's KC who keeps traveling back and forth from Paris to New York while Isabelle writes in her diary. ‘I am having a hard time putting this into words why I loved it, but I did. KC has a gift for writing in such a way that you become part of the story, as if what’s happening on the page is happening to you. His writing was superb, he had me right there. This book is about getting up when you don’t think you can. My heart hurt when I finished it as I ran into his arms.’

What a beautiful and well written love story, entangled with their pain. Every moment of their love for each other was felt deep in my heart, and with the first opening paragraph, “We’re back in Paris and today is a beautiful day…” I felt that KC was starting to come to terms and there are no words to truly describe the power of this book. When you read our book(s), it feels as if KC is speaking to you, as if you were sitting down with him at a Parisian café or taking a stroll throughout Paris.

His book(s) are beautiful and romantic to say the least, and the love and depth; strength where I thought KC would never get back to some normality. But, he did, and he brought real tears to my eyes. A true, man! I love him so much and for everything he has done for me.

So, get ready as we experience for the first time an American supermarché, a romantic train ride at Gare de Paris-Est, Pizza in Paris -- La Briciola Pizza that is, stickball in the middle of Paris, Bastille Day, a little fun time playing Pétanque, the lost rails at Petite Ceinture and our new friends; a very well-known Painter, a Ballerina, an Opéra Singer and a Writer and of course, life within our inner circle.

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