Book Two

Je suis perdu san tois ♥

I remember the times, I remember the places... I remember the tears, and I know she did, too...

Excerpt from Book II. Je suis perdu san tois - I'm lost without you

I’ll make this brief.

Our story picks up from the very last page of Book One, and Isabelle and I are lying in bed, as our life continues, barely, two years later. Isabelle is having a difficult time while she still touches her wedding rings as I look back to that day, that one-year anniversary, slowly making its way to year two.

During that time, all we knew that nothing tasted or felt the same while chasing ghosts. And, how many times did we sleep on the floor, or on the couch or outside on the terrace. We just couldn’t get comfortable and our days enjoying ourselves were limited; but when we did have a little excitement in our lives, it was short lived. But now, we're all starting to grow little-by-little, trying to enjoy the simpler things while we distance ourselves from the outside world.

But, it all goes back to Book One where we broke all the rules and social etiquette, never taking our love for granted, always enjoying our time in Paris and taking lots and lots and lots of midnight runs for Bertie’s Cupcakes.

Remember life’s too short for bullshit!

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