The best French Onion Soup in Paris
The Best Soup in Paris
Madeleine | 20 September

Where to Find the Best French Onion Soup (Gratinéed onion soupe) to die for in Paris with a side plate with bread and

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the best cookies in Paris
The best cookie shops in Paris
Adalene | 18 September

Where are the best cookie shops in Paris? Here are our a few of our picks when the cravings start

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The Best Things to Do in Montmartre, Paris
cupcakes | 16 September

So, what are the best things to do in Montmartre, Paris? Here are 25 things to keep you busy, a

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Paris Bucket List
Paris Bucket List
cupcakes | 13 September

Discover 25 things that you must put on your bucket list while you’re in Paris. It might be a little

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Best Bagels in Paris
The best bagel shops in Paris
cupcakes | 9 September

Where are the best bagel shops in Paris? Are you craving an American bagel and hot coffee? Here are our

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Things to do in Paris in September 2019
cupcakes | 3 September

September in Paris, as the city starts to come alive again after a long August vacation and now it’s time

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