6th Arr
Writing back home 6th Arr
Isabelle | 27 January

Writing back home, 6th Arr. I’m traveling again with my company, and I always take the time to write back

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the best pet shops in Paris
The Best 10 Pet Stores in Paris
Adalene | 23 January

If you’re traveling or living in Paris with a pet. Then you need to know where you can find a

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A rise in murder, rape, and violence in France 2019
cupcakes | 20 January

At what point do you say we’ve had enough? At what point do the French people say to their government

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France strikes cost over one billion euros
cupcakes | 16 January

France’s strikes has cost the country over one billion Euros. On the 43rd day of protests against pension reforms, the

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Cheap French Wine
The Best Cheap Wine in Paris
Madeleine | 15 January

What’s the best cheap wine you can buy in Paris? That’s simple, but I have to prepare you because shopping

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The Stinkiest Cheese in France !!
The Top Stinky French Cheeses
Adalene | 13 January

The Top Stinky French Cheeses in France and the mother of all weapons of mass destruction. If the French just

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