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Here are 10 things that will annoy you about Paris. It seems that this city is upside down where ever you turn. Between at any given time, a strike can occur, or the government passing unconstitutional laws and taxation, government corrupted scandals, the never ending construction and noise and the government lying about crime and terrorist reports and so on and so forth. 


“Silence is the ultimate  weapon of power.”



  1. The crowds and lines in Paris
    It seems where ever you go, you can’t avoid the crowds or the never ending construction and noise.

  2. Customer Service
    It’s bad enough that you have to deal with the smug rudeness, but try returning something that you’re not satisfied with or if the product was damage.
  3. The Paris Métro
    Be prepared for pretty good service and a pretty good chance that you will be robbed, pick-pocketed, sexually harassed, scammed or mugged. 

  4. The endless noise and endless construction around Paris
    If you have a medical condition for migraines or a nervous condition, then don’t come to Paris.

  5. Bike and Scooter Lanes
    Close your eyes for a moment, then open them up, then look at all the bikes and scooters. You’ll feel as if you’re in a third world country.

  6. The Bureaucracy and Laziness
    Nothing ever gets done in Paris. Be prepared for endless paperwork, the endless run around and head aches. It’s in the French culture to aggravate their citizens. 

  7. Illegal Street Vendors
    Where are the police to remove these illegal vendors. It’s more a form of harassment.

  8. The Lack of the English Language
    Need I say more. English is the most important language in the world, and for a country that boasts about its educational services in France, they’re really not proving or saying much. 

  9. Rudeness and Sophisticated Bullshit
    The French take the cake for arrogance. Don’t try and tell me that foreigners perceive their rudeness is misunderstood due to cultural difference.  I call bullshit. 

  10. Globalization Destroyed Paris
    You will not recognized Paris as a whole. Everything you thought about the French culture doesn’t exist.
  11. BONUS
    France looks like a DMZ zone. Its as if you stepped into a battle zone with heavily armed military at every street corner supported by the police just looking to lay the smack own on the citizens especially during a strike. France barely participates in war, yet it invests the citizen’s tax money to have their country militarized and terrorized against its people. What a shame that the people of France have been turned into sheep. 

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