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June 4, 1776 – Present
Need I say more?
It’s WE the People and not the government!
The Declaration of Independence is the greatest document ever produced in the history of man! The Greatest Republic that every existed! God Bless the United States of America!

I was born in Paris, France, and I am married to an American Man from New York. I’ve spent a considerable amount of time traveling the world while living in Manhattan. Over the years, I feel that I have an incredible grasp about America and America’s rich history and culture. So, I may offend my fellow French, but nothing compares to America. I still love France, but in America you can dream here, you’re free here, you can succeed, you can make an abundant amount of money, you can send your children to some of the best schools in the world, you can retire here or any place in the world and there is no place in the world that has opportunities like that of America. And what I’ve leaned; in order to fulfill your goals, you must work hard and with hard work, comes your rewards and sacrifice for you and your family.

In America, I feel welcomed. Not like in Paris. American People are very chatty, helpful and whatever you heard about American People and the lies that portrays America and Americans on television. Well, all I can say is don’t pay attention to them. With that, yes, America has its problems just like other countries. But if I had a choice to live and raise our children. It would be in America hands down instead of in France: if you’re not taxed to death, or bombarded with regulations or bureaucracy. Well, anyway. Take note that your salaries and success will never be compared to what you can make in America. It’s a wonderful feeling of security!

To end this, when I think of what America did for France, especially during World War II; not just protecting us but the billions of dollars America gave to France to rebuild itself and let’s not forget about other European countries. America truly is the most generous country in the world as well as their citizens who generously donate to organisations and I feel that my country has disgraced itself in the way they behave and treat America.

Annotation: As my husband say, “Whoever said that Freedom is free doesn’t realize what Freedom actually is. Freedom is not free, and you have to fight for it each and every day, even die for it knowing that future generations are free of tyranny!”

American Flag Timeline from 1776 – Present:
13 Stars from June 14, 1777
15 Stars from 1795-1818
20 Stars from 1818-1819
21 Stars from 1819-1820
23 Stars from 1820-1822
24 Stars from 1822-1836
25 Stars from 1836-1837
26 Stars from 1837-1845
27 Stars from 1845-1846
28 Stars from 1846-1847
29 Stars from 1847-1848
30 Stars from 1848-1851
31 Stars from 1851-1858
32 Stars from 1858-1859
33 Stars from 1859-1861
34 Stars from 1861-1863
35 Stars from 1863-1865
36 Stars from 1865-1867
37 Stars from 1867-1877
38 Stars from 1877-1890
43 Stars from 1890-1891
45 Stars from 1896-1908
46 Stars from 1908-1912
48 Stars from 1912-1959
49 Stars from 1959-1960
50 Stars from 1960-Present

GOD Bless America!

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