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C’est le secret profond que nul ne connaît

I’M BACK IN PARIS and if feels like the first time I’ve ever smelled fresh baguettes. Can you believe that? Maybe I’m just feeling a little nostalgic as I see the people around me: my inner circle and I look at these precious people as I start to feel a little bit better. I think my experiences have taught me a great deal and I thank the ones closest around me.

THE WARM SPRING BREEZE arrived overnight, as if summer slowly started to reach through my window, staged, while the curtains danced, perfectly timed with a light breeze, in and out like a well-coordinated Ballet. It was graceful, the season when memories are formed that struck me like the scent of a woman—ah, Gabrielle…

It’s five a.m., and I awoke to the sound of an elevator opening its doors, the delicate sounds of footsteps as they made their way closer to my front door. I must have been hearing things—my room was dark, except for a few candles burning on the table; my eyes opened, I glanced at a little Fitzgerald, Lady and the Damn; damn it, a book that I must have read a thousand times, analyzing that timid heart of his, but just segments or clues that touched me that eventually cleared my dull senses—wanting to know the outcome of this couple with a glass of ice water in my hand, with a few twirls of the glass, the accented scent of a mint leaf woke my eyes as I spun in circles.

Annotation: Paris Diary: A promise…, a late night rendez-vous… our secret, our time for just us three… we’re dancing to the radio, while watching our hearts grow… slow motion kiss… R+KC+I <3

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Elephante (feat. BISHØP) – Closer (Virtu Remix)

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