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…remember that all memories are traces of tears

I reached for my black knapsack and I’m looking for my cellphone so I can listen to a little Bach. I shuffled through all my stuff, ah Hemingway’s A Moveable Feast, ha-ha a pack of grape bubble gum whose aroma has taken over the smell of fresh leather and a bottle of her Chanel perfume, and there it is, her semi-off dark black notepad.

I sat down and started to write.
I started to think
I started to dry my tears
I poured a glass of JD

Annotation: —rinse and repeat, but backwards.

I smashed my glass
I cried again
I stopped to think
I stood up and put my pen down.

Then, my cellphone vibrated. I have a feeling I knew who that was as I started to read her text messages:

« KC, juste un petit texto pour te dire que tu me manques. Tu me manques trop. Ce SMS n’est pas assez puissant pour exprimer à quel point tu me manques. »

« My lovely, KC. Je sens ta présence malgré la distance qui nous sépare j’entends ta voix malgré le silence de la nuit et je t’aime plus que jamais malgré la souffrance d’être loin de toi. »

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