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I made something quite simple, crêpes with Nutella and banana, the girl’s favorite. It was a little tricky at first but I got the hang of it and lost a few in the process. Thirty minutes later, I woke up the girls and whispered, “I made crêpes,” and they jumped off the bed like it was Christmas Day. (LOL) The girls ran to the kitchen and slid across the flooring right into their seats and I came over and said, “Are you hungry,” as they banged their folks and knifes on the table—

“I’ll take that as a yes ladies,” and I carefully placed the crêpes on the plate with Nutella and banana. I felt the girl’s feet rumbling underneath the table. It sounded like Alex Van Halen on drums, but louder, and when I placed their plates on the table, the girls clapped their hands and complimented me, the Chef. Ah, we smiled, it was quiet, about the only time the girls are quiet is when they’re stuffing their mouths and then this happened readers.

“Oui Renée?”
“That’s all?”
“I swear I made more but I don’t know what…”
“Did you burn them again?”
“No, kind of, yes.”
Isabelle yelled out, “Oh, oh, oh,” as she stared up towards the ceiling fan.
“There they are again KC.”

I had a stupid look on my face. That wasn’t the first time I did that and Renée said, “This isn’t a pizza pie Baby.”

Isabelle got on her chair and stretched and stretched and took a few crêpes off the fan and started eating them. I rushed over and took them out of her hands and said, “I don’t think so.”
“The five second rule KC.”
“They’ve been up there for at least ten minutes.”

…to be continued in Book X. Au cœur d’un ange

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