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Au Revoir, Paris !
Mon a, Mon Amour. It’s early, and I’m leaning up against our tall, wooden doorway, gazing out towards the street. And as always, here comes KC with a cup of tea for two. I love him.

How do you say farewell to a city like Paris? You don’t. Our times here has come to an end for now, and yet, we’re not ready to leave.

Sometimes, I wish we could all go back in time. But, we can’t. I think about our times writing our novels. I believe that our book will change how you look at love, life and romance: words will fail you; few words to describe about our lovely memories for all of us…

Je l’aimais et n’aimais qu’elle et nous fûmes transportes, pour un temps, en pleine magie merveilleuse, tant que nous fumes seuls, ensemble, Mon Amour. J’étais heureux. Tu es là… à chaque seconde…♥

We’ll be back next month…Paris est une fête, de petits secrets d’amour je partage avec KC.

R+KC+I <3

♫  Today’s BMG from Our Playlist. Enjoy!!
Alina Baraz – Paradise (Prod. By ESTA.)

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