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Up for Love

Up for Love, Un homme à la hauteur, starring Jean Dujardin and Virginie Efira has to be one of the funniest, romantic popcorn flicks to come out of France. How they

The Best Breakfast in Paris

  3.02.2020   Adalene   cafe, food, restaurants   No comments

Here are a few amazing Breakfast restaurants in Paris. Although there are many, we felt that our top ten targeted places were for the tourist in mind. Let’s face it.

Things to do in Paris in February 2020

Things to do in Paris in February 2020 might be cut short due to the ongoing strikes in France. All together now — deep breath in… deep breath out. So,

The Best 10 Pet Stores in Paris

  23.01.2020   Adalene   pet shops   No comments

If you’re traveling or living in Paris with a pet. Then you need to know where you can find a pet shop and dog parks in Paris. I remember the

The Top Stinky French Cheeses

The Top Stinky French Cheeses in France and the mother of all weapons of mass destruction. If the French just threw cheese at the Germans, they may have won the

Things to do in Paris in January 2020

Happy New Year, everyone! Bonne année et bonne santé ! So, what’s happening in Paris for the month of January 2020? That’s a good question. If the strikes settles somewhat,

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