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The Best Macarons in Paris

  25.12.2018   cupcakes   food, macarons, paris, travel   No comments

When I think of macarons, I think of Renée and Isabelle; not just their obsession with mararons, but pastries in general. They’re so cute! Yum, yum, yum, Yummmyyy! You can’t

How to use the Paris Metro

The Paris Metro system has to be one of the beautiful and always on time trains next to Tokyo. Their train system is well organized and well connected. With that,

Best Places to Visit in France

  20.09.2018   cupcakes   France, paris, travel   No comments

The best places to visit in France. Is there more to France than just Paris? That’s a good question. To me, France means Paris, but if you do visit France.

Forever in love R+KC+I

A few minutes later, Renée and I were lying in the bathtub and Isabelle came inside the bathroom holding a few lit candles, and she said with a creepy voice,

France World Cup Champs 2018

  15.07.2018   cupcakes   paris   No comments

LA FRANCE EST CHAMPION DU MONDE ! L’équipe de France a remporté la finale de la Coupe du monde 4 buts à 2 contre la Croatie. Les Bleus décrochent leur

someone to hold

  14.07.2018   cupcakes   Mon Amour   No comments

Annotation: I received a message from Isabelle while the boys and I were out of the country, and I couldn’t help but read it a few times while Mikey stared

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