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Opèra National de Paris

  6.05.2017   cupcakes   Ballet, love, Opèra   No comments

Opèra National de Paris… En parlant de clichés… Je t’aime Paris et Merci ! -) There’s always that old man with his organ grinder and his cats… yes, meow, meow,

Excerpt from Book I. Je ne partirai pas sans toi

  5.05.2017   cupcakes   KC   No comments

Annotation: What I loved most about this woman is that she gave shape to things and meaning to words that other people preferred to ignore. That day with Gabrielle went

Pétanque in Paris

  4.05.2017   cupcakes   parks, Pétanque   No comments

Ah, petite, subtle parks, the elderly playing pétanque and the student quarters are still here alive and well. I felt the energy. It was breathtaking and the visual mood that

Ah, Paris.

I was in Paris. I am a guest in this lovely city and I ask myself why I am here and what is it that I am exactly looking for—

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