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Bertie’s Cupcakes or as it is known as Bertie’s Cupcakery, and as I type this, I can hear the girl’s screaming out, ‘Bertie’s! Bertie’s! They came back?’ Anyway, where have I heard that before? Anyway, as I was rudely interrupted again.

Note: I whispered that, so the girls couldn’t hear me. Now, where was I? See how the girls can easily distract me. They’re masters at that. Anyway, Bertie’s is in a city known for its love of pastries more so than cake. Ah, Paris. The chocolate smiles on the girls faces. I miss that!!

In our novels, I’d often mentioned Bertie’s because the girls forced me to write that in our books. In other words, Bertie’s played an important part in our lives; it’s a French thing I guess… But when the girls with their model-like figures would get on one of those sugar-highs — forget about social etiquette and ability to communicate even thought they speak five languages. These girls turned into the Incredible Hulk and Isabelle usually uttered out with a deep husky voice, ‘Isabelle love cupcakes! Isabelle Hungry! Isabelle need sweets!’ as she dug her lady-like fingernails into my forearms. OUCH! And fear was pretty much running through my veins as I raced my motorcycle over to Bertie’s. But first, I ordered in advance. I should have been arrested as I raced down the streets of Paris, dodging the cops and traffic. But the punishment would be far less if the cops caught me rather than the pain the girls would inflicted upon me.

Pro Tip 1: Never argue with a woman who needs sweets. Just warning you!
Pro Tip 2: …never regret anything that makes you smile — How true!

But we’ll never forget the times we shared together with our soft conversations and the love that we shared together; some with smiles, some with gentle touches and some with tears. But in all those short years and with all of their cupcake raids, they never gained an ounce, always maintaining their model-like figures. How did they do that?

In the end, when Bertie’s closed it location at 26 Rue Chanoinesse, I thought the girls were going to die. In fact, they did followed with total silence for a week with tears; to never hear their soft whispers of yum, yum, Yummy or miam, miam, Miam-Miam !! 

But with all of that and within all of our novels, we often mentioned Bertie’s that we hold dear to hearts. Between the outside decor of Bertie’s and Au Vieux, nothing comes close to those two charming places in Paris. I dare you to find another place like those two! 

For now, Bertie’s is just a distant memory with lots of tears… R+KC+I <3

“I don’t want to repeat my innocence. I want the pleasure of losing it again.”

–F. Scott Fitzgerald, This Side of Paradise

Annotation: How true Mr. Fitzgerald, ironic for a book title as well.   

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