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I love the way Renée and Isabelle lose the ability to speak everyday words when they’re on a cake hunt. Just to see the smile on girl’s faces is enough to leave me at peace and the love that the girls and the guys have for one another are immeasurably un-measurable.

I remember that one night, many a nights when the girls would stuff their mouths with cupcakes as if it was the end of the world—it sure felt like that guys LOL!

I remember that one night. Allow me to pull something from one of our books:

A few minutes later, I brought the wounded women back to our flat and I almost had to perform CPR on Isabelle. She was completely out of breath and I looked at my lovely Renée and she pretty much was out for the count. But, I had no choice but to smack her in the face a few times and her eyes slowly opened, and I leaned in and said, “Renée. Renée. Do you know where you are?”
“That feels good. Do it to me one more time.”

I couldn’t believe it and I just left them there to detox while I went out on the terrace. The girls would remain there until the very next day and when I checked up on them the next morning, they had their arms and legs wrapped around each other like koala bears. They were so cute, but I had to confront them about this matter and let me tell you something readers. No matter how many times the girls had their breakout moments, Isabelle would always be in complete denial, like a lying mafia mob boss on the witness stand, denying everything the Justice Department threw at her, while Renée would just stand there oblivious to her surroundings, licking her lips sounding like Rain Man, and where does that leave me readers? Huh, huh, huh?

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Kaskade (feat. Mindy Gledhill) – Eyes


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