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The Best Markets in Paris

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The Best Markets In Paris you have to visit with delicious homemade French foods; from cheeses to breads, fish to meat, fruits and vegetables and or course French pastries. Order

The Best Pizza in Paris

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Where to find the best Pizza in Paris? We gotcha covered. However, Pizza in Paris is not like pizza in New York. This could sound like a faux pas – but let’s be honest here because pizza is not

The Best Tea Shops in Paris

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Where to find the Best Places to buy tea / thé in Paris? Below is a list of our picks to enjoy afternoon tea / thé in Paris. The Parisians

The Best Chocolate Shops in Paris

Chocolate lover? There are endless Chocolate Shops in Paris, but do you know the very best ones? If you’re a real chocolate lover, Paris offers both traditional and contemporary chocolates

The Best Burgers in Paris

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We’re in search of that good juicy burger in Paris. But does it exist? It depends upon who you ask. But to answer that question truthfully, there aren’t really any

How to make French Ratatouille

How to make traditional French Rararouille: the easy, classical way using such ingredients as eggplants, tomatoes and peppers and from garlic, thyme, bay leaf and olive oil in 30 minutes.

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