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Just thinking something dear to me

  29.05.2020   cupcakes   Life in Paris, love   No comments

May 29, 2020: Just thinking something dear to me… It’s family and my inner circle… and even at times if we have our differences, or we just need space. I/we

Things To Implement Now During The Pandemic

What you can do to implement ‘NOW’ during this Coronaviurs pandemic. Hopefully, this will alleviate a little pressure in your life. Hope for the best, and expect the worst. Don’t

Writing back home 6th Arr

  27.01.2020   Isabelle   diary, love, memories, paris   No comments

Writing back home, 6th Arr. I’m traveling again with my company, and I always take the time to write back home. I know that I can send an email or

Merry Christmas

  25.12.2019   cupcakes   love, memories, vacation   No comments

Our inner circle has left Paris for New York. Where else would you rather be to enjoy this lovely holiday — as our family prepares a Christmas dinner while the

Escape to Paris

Sometimes we need to Escape to Paris. Sometimes I like to jot down notes in my semi-off dark black notepads — and sometimes I’m hard on Paris because I’m not

Why Are Americans So Friendly?

Why are Americans so friendly and why do the French find this a problem? Are there cultural differences or are the French just stuck up? If we take it back

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