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June 6, 1944 Need I say more? The D-Day Beaches of Omaha and Utah… This is not a time to celebrate, it’s a time to remember your Duty for your

Forever in love R+KC+I

A few minutes later, Renée and I were lying in the bathtub and Isabelle came inside the bathroom holding a few lit candles, and she said with a creepy voice,

Au Revoir Paris !

Au Revoir, Paris ! Mon a, Mon Amour. It’s early, and I’m leaning up against our tall, wooden doorway, gazing out towards the street. And as always, here comes KC

life’s too short for bullshit

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Life’s too short for bullshit. That’s something I couldn’t stop whispering to myself. “KC.” “Yeah, Doc.” “What are you thinking about?” “Me?” “Yes, you.” “I just want to smell the

Paris Love Stories – Nothing has changed

Where are all the preachers, or the men of science to explain this to me? For all the sacrifices that I have made in life, and this is how I

Paris in the Spring

Again I was awoken by a brisk spring Paris breeze that made its way into our bedroom. The white silky curtains delicately danced in and out, the images of fainting

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