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The Best Burgers in Paris

  13.06.2019   Adalene   food, paris, travel   No comments

We’re in search of that good juicy burger in Paris. But does it exist? It depends upon who you ask. But to answer that question truthfully, there aren’t really any

Visiting Paris Cemeteries

  10.06.2019   Adalene   paris, travel   No comments

June 10, 2019: From headless statues to eccentric tombs, these Parisian burial grounds are full of stories and legends with more than 7 million annual visitors visiting the necropolis in

The Most Beautiful Parks in Paris

  8.06.2019   cupcakes   paris, parks, travel   No comments

June 6, 2019: Where are the most beautiful parks in Paris? We’ll let you know and if there is one thing that Paris does right, it’s with their parks. Paris,

Paris Park’s Smoking Bans

Paris City Hall bans smoking in 52 parks and gardens (La mairie de Paris interdit de fumer dans 52 parcs et jardins) May 31, 2019. The Mayor of Paris has

Things to do in Paris in June 2019

  16.05.2019   Madeleine   paris, travel   No comments

To me, June in Paris is one of the better months because the days are longer as the sun sets around 10 pm making the evenings a more pleasant time

Cell Phone Service in France

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It’s 2019 and not 2010, and most likely the ‘modern day’ cell phone should work just fine when you’re traveling outside American. In recent years, most but all carriers through

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