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How to send Postcards from Paris

So, you’re in Paris, and you want to mail a letter or a post card from France? How nice is it to receive a letter with France and there’s something

My life in Paris

  22.01.2019   Isabelle   France, paris, travel   No comments

Paris, France. Aujourd’hui 22 Janvier. The girls, Renée, Isabelle, Mikey and I have spent a good portion of our lives in Paris, and I thought since we’re at it, why

The 25 best things to Do in Paris – 2019

  16.01.2019   cupcakes   paris, travel   No comments

Visiting Paris? Well, here’s the perfect ‘quick’ itinerary while you’re in Paris; from the classic promenades to all the museums and cafés, a cheat sheet guide of great things to

Public Holidays in France 2019

Public Holidays in France 2019 – Jours fériés en France 2019 Jan 1, 2019. Below are a list of Holiday’s in France. So, whether you’re on vacation or  you’re living

The Best Macarons in Paris

  25.12.2018   cupcakes   food, macarons, paris, travel   No comments

When I think of macarons, I think of Renée and Isabelle; not just their obsession with mararons, but pastries in general. They’re so cute! Yum, yum, yum, Yummmyyy! You can’t

Best Places to Visit in France

  20.09.2018   cupcakes   France, paris, travel   No comments

The best places to visit in France. Is there more to France than just Paris? That’s a good question. To me, France means Paris, but if you do visit France.

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