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France World Cup Champs 2018

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LA FRANCE EST CHAMPION DU MONDE ! L’équipe de France a remporté la finale de la Coupe du monde 4 buts à 2 contre la Croatie. Les Bleus décrochent leur

Au Revoir Paris !

Au Revoir, Paris ! Mon a, Mon Amour. It’s early, and I’m leaning up against our tall, wooden doorway, gazing out towards the street. And as always, here comes KC

Paris Love Stories – Nothing has changed

Where are all the preachers, or the men of science to explain this to me? For all the sacrifices that I have made in life, and this is how I

living in Paris

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Life in Paris, living in Paris is like no other city in the world. Trust me. Trust us. The aroma in the air of fruity wines and bourbon made me

Paris France Tourist Guide

Paris France tourist guide : tips links and address guide With everything in life–don’t forget to enjoy ‘life’ itself. For us, Paris is the spot and here are some direct

Paris in the Spring

Again I was awoken by a brisk spring Paris breeze that made its way into our bedroom. The white silky curtains delicately danced in and out, the images of fainting

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