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Clear your thoughts in Paris, wanting to do something, but what, my stomach is growling again, but I’m standing firm, not feeling sorry for myself. I’ll get there in time, as Hemingway noted in A Moveable Feast, “hunger was good discipline.”

A little advice to the younger or older crowd: doing what you want in life, understanding the circumstances and risks with every decision you make. Sometimes the right path was the wrong choice. So, when the shit hits the fan, who will you turn to? Mom? Dad? No! That’s giving in. FAILURE! Just figure it out on your own because in time it will make sense. Trust me!

“Hunger was good discipline.”

–E. Hemingway


P.S. I’m not a motivational speaker. I just tell it like it is. The real world needs fighters, leaders and not pussy ass fucks who blame everyone else except themselves when things don’t work out. And when you want a piece of the piece, the stress will hit you hard; let me make this as clear as possible, nobody will help you, especially when you’re stranded, as you slowly build trusting relationships, barely, never leading you wrong — things will start to get a little clearer, that picture as whole, taking baby steps, learning from your lessons, never settling for less, stepping back from time-2-time, preparing yourself to walk away. So, when you’re dreaming of riches, and if you make it, don’t forget where you came from: your family and friends… because you’ll be in a position to make a difference for that inner circle — and if you learned anything, you will have learned that it wasn’t about you all this time… That’s a real leader, a real fighter!

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