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News: Let’s see how stupid people are especially socialists and liberals. It’s a tie with the Germans wearing pool-noodle hats and the (U.S.A.) Maryland wearing bumper tables.

I’m not even going to go in depth about this. Just keep voting for these delusional liberals who have stolen not just your liberties, but your MONEY, too!

But the best has to be the South Koreans, filled out an empty stadium with SEX DOLLS. I’m surprised that a million South Korean men didn’t rush the stadium to steal the dolls. With all the technology, with deep-fake videos, you’re telling me they couldn’t CGI the stadium with people. How can you not love that and the big-breasted dolls with cardboard cutouts on the upper decks 😀

“The sheepeople have fuckin’ lost it between the news and corrupted governments. Wake the FUCK UP!”


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