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Excerpt from Book I.
Je ne partirai pas san toi. (I’ll never let you go)

The girls were always thinking about cake and being in that dream state (LOL!) and all I heard were the faint chewing sounds and at times the water from their mouths.

The whispers continued…

“Hey, Renée.”
“Oui, Isabelle.”
“Oh my god,” as she sprayed whipped cream like a NYC Firefighter putting out a fire and that brought me back to the days when I had my first shithole flat in the city. If you turned the lights off, it sounded like mice eating from the garbage, and then Renée whispered, “Oh my god, it’s so good-da! Chocolate cake is one of my favorite cakes, but I like other cakes, but my favorite is chocolate and all cakes. What’s your favorite Isabelle?”

At this point in time readers, the girls never made sense because they’re women.

“Everything and anything Renée,” said Isabelle with a darkened chocolate smile on her face. “Oh my god, the cream is perfect. I think I’m going to cry Renée, hold me.”
“Don’t cry. Pace yourself Isabelle.”
“Well, I’m only going to eat half now and half before I leave,” said Isabelle with a determined look on her face.

At this point in time readers, the girls never made sense because they’re women..

WTF? Did that even make sense readers? Isabelle is and always was on a mission, as I sat and bared witness to these two little mice. Isabelle held Renée’s hand and said, “I believe cherry and chocolate is a wonderful combination Renée and this is my last big bite.”

Isabelle opened that crocodilian mouth of hers and finished the remainder, all on one gulp. I put my hands underneath the table just in case I had traces of cake crumbs on my fingers.

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