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June 6, 1944
Need I say more?
The D-Day Beaches of Omaha and Utah…
This is not a time to celebrate, it’s a time to remember
your Duty for your Nation, your Duty as Men and
Bravery and Sacrifice beyond anyone’s Expectations…
The Longest Day gives true meaning to the term “The Greatest Generation!”

Annotation: If you ever get a chance to visit France. Make sure you visit Normandy. It’s a very moving day, a Day to remember the Bravely for the Fight for Freedom. I look at these men and their sacrifice, not only do I have tears in my eyes, I have inspiration from them and what these Men went through. In the end, put yourselves in their shoes because nothing that I/we face in this life is a problem. Remember the sacrifices of these Brave Men and Remember that Freedom is not Free!

From D-Day, to the Battle of the Bulge, to the ultimate surrender of the German Troops on May 8, 1945. And when you visit Normandy and the American War Cemetery, it’s just incredible to see the endless white crosses, upon crosses, upon crosses lined up perfectly, as far as the eye can see. Not far from there are the cliffs and the oceans where these men died at the age of 19 or 20. They died for us knowing that they weren’t going to make it out alive, people dying all around them, but day after day they went at it. I admire that and so did my grandparents in France at the time.

When we watched the ceremony on TV, I was moved by the old men who fought on the Beaches on Normandy, as they walked through the Gates of Hell, storming those beaches and scaling those cliffs, and as I looked at their faces and the bravery in their eyes. I ask what sustained them during that time and all of these years… What drove them and those D-day survivors… I guaranty they all had faith in God…

Here is the direct link for the Official Normandie-tourisme where you can visit the museums and memorials and learn a about “The Greatest Generation” in history, while the people of Normandy go out of their way for America and her Military, especially on the Anniversary Day of D-Day. And, if you get a chance, read The Longest Day: The Classic Epic of D-Day by Cornelius Ryan.

P.S. Did you notice that there were only 48 Stars on the American Flag at the time.

American Flag Timeline from 1776 – Present:
13 Stars from June 14, 1777
15 Stars from 1795-1818
20 Stars from 1818-1819
21 Stars from 1819-1820
23 Stars from 1820-1822
24 Stars from 1822-1836
25 Stars from 1836-1837
26 Stars from 1837-1845
27 Stars from 1845-1846
28 Stars from 1846-1847
29 Stars from 1847-1848
30 Stars from 1848-1851
31 Stars from 1851-1858
32 Stars from 1858-1859
33 Stars from 1859-1861
34 Stars from 1861-1863
35 Stars from 1863-1865
36 Stars from 1865-1867
37 Stars from 1867-1877
38 Stars from 1877-1890
43 Stars from 1890-1891
45 Stars from 1896-1908
46 Stars from 1908-1912
48 Stars from 1912-1959
49 Stars from 1959-1960
50 Stars from 1960-Present

GOD Bless America!

Annotation: ♫ Plug in your headset and enjoy a good song that’s on our YouTube playlist: Ray Charles – America the Beautiful



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