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News Update: France declares public health emergency and strict law enforcement during the current Chinese Coronavirus outbreak.

It’s no secret that The EU has lost all the credibility it ever had for its lamentable handling of the Chinese Coronavirus outbreak. Socialism. Go figure! With that, it’s time that all countries to reevaluate their relationships with China. In other words, fuck them! They need to be serious punished with severe consequences! If it was me, I’d fuckin’ carpet bomb Beijing back to the stone age!

As a result, people are getting sick, people are dying, world economies are crumbling and it will take time to rebuild them, and let’s hope that the Chinese Coronavirus doesn’t return again this year. The Chinese propaganda alone, they should be kicked off the world stage immediately! You should be enraged, outrage and out for vengeance! If you call my statements racists, then I would advise you to seek immediate psychiatric care — you brainwashed liberal retards!

May I remind you, better yet educate you brainwashed socialized liberal idiots. In recent time, here’s a short list of viral pandemics that came from China. 1) H1N1 2) the bird flu 3) SARS and now 4) the Wuhan Chinese Coronavirus. Let’s not forget about toothpaste on shelves that were made with a poison found in antifreeze, toxic Chinese drywall for your homes, offices, hospital, etc… Chinese melamine-laced dog food, the Asian long-horned beetles, children and baby products; defective products such as bedding, strollers, changing-tables, food…. Shall I go on?

Social Media: Do not listen to athletes and entertainers who are often mistaken for people of importance and lack of intelligence. That includes the news outlets or outdated scientific government workers who are not privileged to the latest tools and research models. All you should be relying on is the current scientific data to eradicate the Chinese Coronavirus and THANKING the United States of America, once again, to rescue its people and the world! God Bless America!

So, now back your government: The French parliament has passed an emergency bill that gives the government special powers during the Chinese Coronavirus outbreak. Leave it to a socialized country to screw its people again and for not following the path that the United States has taken to tackle this crisis. This legislation allows the government to restrict freedom of movement and requisition goods and services over a period of two months. That’s two-months to my French friends — well, likely, if they can’t contain the Chinese Coronavirus. I don’t want to spread panic, but I wouldn’t have that much faith in your government.

New Laws while the French Government fell asleep:

French nationals who do not follow the new rules in place and restrictions will face harsher penalties. That’s to all the sheep in France. The minimum fine for violating the confinement rules remains at 135 euros. Repeat offenders, if the offence occurs within 15 days, will be slapped with a 1,500-euro penalty. That’s 1,500-god-damn-euros-people.

In the case of “four violations within 30 days”, the offence will be “punishable by a fine of 3,700 euros and up to (6) six months in prison”. Enjoy your baloney sandwiches and water.

So, what to do during this period in time? Stay home, stock up on food and sanitizers, keep your place clean, read a book or learn a new language — and in the worst case, be prepared to answer the call if your government is looking for volunteers at all capacities. Also, be on the lookout for scammers and criminals. It is a lovely time to rob your asses! And since you don’t have guns, what a lousy country to strip your rights. I would advise you to carry a knife — just in case you need to stab someone in the chest, many times that is, if they attempt to rob your ass!

My advice for the stupid — Restez Chez Vous ! Be a smart citizen and don’t take this lightly. Listen to your government and your version of the CDC. And for God’s sake, do NOT believe whatever is written or broadcasted on the news! Don’t Panic! Be STRONG and we WILL get over this!



Help STOP the Chinese Coronavirus!
1. HANDSWash them often
2. ELBOWCough into it       
3. FACEDon’t touch it          
  4. SPACEKeep safe distance 
5. HOMEStay if you can      


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