France extends Coronavirus lockdown until July 24

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News: On Saturday, Health Minister Olivier Veran will extend the Coronavirus lockdown until July 24th.

News: l’état d’urgence sanitaire prolongé jusqu’au 24 juillet

The French government is completely clueless with regards to the Coronavirus. You are more likely to get sick staying at home, being locked down like a prisoner than going out. Are the French people that stupid to allow this to go on any further? Yep!

Just remember this. Your government is corrupted, you have an Ex-Banker as your president who is clueless and you’ve been brainwashed while France and the EU has succumb to globalism. You Jackasses! Wake up and see the big picture. Committing national suicide is the hobby of leftists. So continue to wear your masks that does nothing, watch the damn fake news all day and just continue to be good sheepeople without guns.


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