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How hot is it in Paris? It’s Africa hot! France is starting to close dozens of schools because of the heatwave index expected to climb above 104F or 40C. Ah, it’s summer time. What did you expect? So, if your having trouble making friends in Paris. Here’s a  pro-tip. Ship one of the tastiest watermelons ever grown in the United States, and this is no ordinary watermelon Folks. It’s a Georgia Watermelon!

“Nothing like summer in Paris, France.”

–Bon Appétit !

Paris heatwave index
Paris heatwave index

Safety Tips:
How to beat the heat in France? It’s no secret that Paris is not air condition friendly. So, dress light and hit the cafés and remember French officials in Paris and Lyon are on smog alert. So, watch your allergies and in Paris, they’re offering free parking encouraging you to use public transportation and additional measures including extended hours for swimming pools.

In the end, stay hydrated, hit the pools and park fountains, see a movie or hit up a museum or a department store to stay cool— and make sure you help the elderly. 

Important Website Information:
You can always visit Site Officiel de Météo-France to keep you posted with the weather or check your cellphones and leave your alerts on. Also, during this time, the pollution levels coming from China are quite obvious. So, don’t expect to take that many photos of Paris with blue skies and clouds. It gets very gray during the heatwave season.

Metro Map: Use the Paris Metro and take advantage of the air conditioners while your visiting touristy spots in Paris. We’ve put together official maps and apps to help you: Click here

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