France strikes cost over one billion euros

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France’s strikes has cost the country over one billion Euros. On the 43rd day of protests against pension reforms, the strike’s action has yet to have Macron and his government to flinch.

Every sector that you can imagine are striking in France from transpiration, shipping, air, teachers, nurses, air traffic controllers are against Macron’s changes in pension reform. The bottom line is this: socialism and globalism is the death of any nation; historically we know this, and we can ‘currently’ see the chain reaction worldwide.

Pro-tip: The odds are stacked against you from your government, corporations, news outlets, elites and celebrities. They will label you, they will shame you and lock you up. This is what the left and socialism does to their people. Leftist will act on instincts and they don’t think about their actions, pure instincts as they continue to push and push their criminal agenda.

They will discourage you with violence and jail. Look at the streets of Paris with cops and the military going against the people. Look at the stacked courts when your ass is put in front of a Judge. Can’t you see this? To bad the French gave up their gun rights because the government wouldn’t dare pick a fight. Do not allow them to slowly strip whatever little you have left. I am with you French people — even though I am an America. 

Do not let the government rule you! Do not let the elites to continue to import third-world illegal aliens into your country while your hard-earn money pays for them. The reality is the culture in Europe is dead. It is unrecognizable, and that’s the fault of brainwashing. You have become sheep and the only message the French people should put out is that ‘we will not be ruled by you anymore!’

“The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.”

–Margaret Thatcher

Pro-tip: Your government has run out of money; classical liberalism as they shove their will down your throats of the people; stealing your money and threatening you. Your options have been exhausted, and there’s only one choice left – Reciprocity and Propertarianism Law, moral authority! Freedom is not free, and you have to fight for your freedoms every single day of your life. So wake the fuck up because you’ve been screwed! Keep up the fight!!


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