France’s unemployed due to Coronavirus

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News: France’s unemployed numbers due to Coronavirus is an incredible statistic. More than 10 million employees in France, that’s one out of every two in the private sector have been laid off which doesn’t include the business that will not return. To put that into comparison, for every death, 500 people are out of work. New York City alone, one in five will be unemployed, 30% of business will close forever, while the total unemployment in the United States is over 33 million.

The world is upside down; corporations are filing for bankruptcy, small businesses are closing their doors for good and the truth about politicians and world government presidents have failed on every level. Where is the empathy for the billions of lives and businesses that have been destroyed.

So, what is the end game? What would you do when you become desperate? Where will you get money? What money – the world governments have robbed all the money, that’s your money.



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