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Paris, the 17th of Juillet

Bonjour Baby

HERE I WAS, six in the morning, yawn, and it’s quiet. Renée was asleep and Isabelle kept our flat cool with those allergies of hers. Time for a little breakfast as I reached for my usual. It’s a little hot today, ice tea/thé, ah, this will hit the spot and I opened the refrigerator and what’s this? I saw something carefully hidden in the back. Reese’s Pieces with pink lipstick on the wrapper. That’s Renée’s lipstick. I’d recognize that pink colour anywhere.

So, what the hell is Reese’s Pieces, I never heard of it. I wondered what they tasted like and I opened the bag, looked at it, took a sniff and put one in my mouth. C’était genre trop bien ! Now I’m sounding like Isabelle, no wonder the girls go crazy sometimes, I mean all the time.

Anyway, here I am making myself ice tea/thé, a little eggs with homemade baguette, yum! Ah, this is definitely Renée’s. I can tell from the texture, just a little bit different than Isabelle’s. Both good, as I spread orange marmalade across my baguette accented with a little butter—yum, yum, yummy, while sipping on tea/thé—my jaw hurts. Ah, whatever…, peace and quiet. I looked up towards the ceiling and Paris’ warm sun glared into our kitchen from the skylight. That felt good with my legs up on top of the table while I closed my eyes for a bit—

Fifteen minutes later, I opened my eyes and there she was with her legs on top of mine. Renée looked at me with a serious face and I said, “Bonjour? Renée? Hallo? I love you?”

“Am I in trouble again?”
“No, yes…”
“Which is it my darling Princess? Baguette?”
“How could you? Oui Merci.”
“How could I what? De rien”
“You took three of my Reese’s Pieces.”

I leaned in and whispered.

“Psst, hey come closer. Actually, I mean don’t get angry, but Isabelle was sleep waking again and took them. I would never eat those Renée.”

Renée’s eyes popped.


She bought my bullshit, yes!

“Oui, she does it all the time, I swear on Hugo, but don’t get angry with her okay? We have to think of the young ones Baby.”
“Alright Baby, but she’s not that young…”

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