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It’s hard to believe that everywhere you turn in France…. they’re bombarding the people with taxes and out of control laws. It’s a wonder that the French strike all the time. Some French lawmakers want to ban Black Friday. Are you kidding me?

Irrational reasoning 101

A legislative committee proposed prohibiting Black Friday since it results in “resource waste” and “over-consumption.” Tell the to the rich!

So the government is telling the people how to spend their money and how ‘not‘ to boost the economy and businesses in all sectors. The government is proposing halting profits from small businesses and large business from reaching broader markets and hiring more employees? Does the French government have any knowledge of economics, jobs and expansion? I think not!

Excuse 101

The ecological transition minister, (do they just make up these positions in government) Elisabeth Borne, stated that it creates traffic jams, pollution, and gas emissions. Let me repeat that folks. “It creates traffic jams, pollution, and gas emissions.” Have you been to Paris? Have you lived in Paris? Have you seen the non-stop constructions and traffic twenty-four seven, three-hundred and sixty-five days a year? Have you seen the pollution coming from China? It’s all a big scam!

In conclusion, France has gone nuts and the rest of Europe. The People are taxed beyond disbelief and are controlled like puppets. Tell me what is wrong with saving money and don’t tell me that shopping has to deal with climate change.

In the end, look at all the strikes that are happening in Paris and around France. The People have had it and how could you blame them. Economics 101 — the next stock market crash that will occur in Europe will cripple not just France but the entire EU.

Lucky enough, as a French native, I don’t spend as much time there since moving to New York with my husband and enjoying the taste of freedom that my fellow French citizens would never understand.

“I have come to the conclusion that politics are too serious a matter to be left to the politicians.”

–Charles de Gaulle

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