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WHAT WOULD BE a day in Paris without going for a Ferris wheel ride in the middle of the night? Ah Paris, you never cease to amaze with so many things to do; just endless incredible things that will keep you occupied.

Tonight, it’s lady’s night and Isabelle, Madeleine, Yulia and I made our way to the Grande Roue de Paris, not far from Citi where the US Embassy is located—just so you can get your bearings guys. Isabelle was so excited as she explained to me about the history of this grand ride.

Later that night, Isabelle was holding onto my right arm, and on my left was Madeleine who was holding my left arm and to her left was Yulia holding her left arm—quite descriptive, huh?

Then, we stopped and we looked at this huge Ferris wheel that was within our sights and we were off to the races to get on line for the ride.

The wait wasn’t too long, as we marveled at the size and admired the beautiful lights, and before we knew it, we were all strapped in, sitting in our seat and slowly the Ferris wheel started to make its rotation as we reached the top and the view, the view was spectacular!


Guys, you could see the Eiffel Tower all lit up and we were surrounded by the large park, Jardin des Tuileries located next to the Louvre and off the banks of the Seine River. And, just to get your bearings; if you take that road all the way straight down you’ll pass the Locks of Love Bridge, then Pont Marie, then Notre-Dame, that will take you straight to Bertie’s Cupcakes =) just breathtaking and when you take this ride, you’ll soon come to realize why Paris is famous for being the City of Lights—

Guys, the weather was perfect, not too hot and the ocean blue-skies echoed French classical music. When we reached the top of the ride, it paused so you could take a few photos. Our shutters never stopped clicking and the endless selfies together. It was such a fun night, a relaxing one because I think we all just needed a simple night out and what’s better…

Travel tip: Grande Roue de Paris is located on the Place de la Concorde, between the Champs-Elysées and the Tuileries Gardens; this 60 meter (200ft) high Ferris wheel is a one of a kind Parisian landmark, with its glittering lights illuminating Paris’ nightly sky.

La Grande roue de la Concorde, ça fait 3ans et demi que je vis à Paris, c’est l’une des attractions incontournables des fêtes de fin d’année à Paris. J’adore, c’est comme ça que j’aime Paris—Voilà !

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