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Knowing a little bit of the french language will go a long way while you’re in Paris; further than you expected. Here are a list of words:

“The most important word you should know is bonjour while you’re in Paris.

By far, the most important word in the French language is Bonjour and if you pay attention to the Parisians, any sort of interaction with a French has to start with a heartfelt Bonjour. Anything else would be considered rude. This is how you ‘announce’ that you want to speak with a native French person. Everything else come after. For example, excusez-moi or pardon, etc…

So, what are you waiting for? Learn a little French with some basic words and simple French phrases for travelers and those learning a new language.

  1. Bonsoir – “Good evening”
  2. Salut! – “Hi!” (informal)
  3. Ça va? – “How’s it going?”
  4. Quoi de neuf? – “What’s new?”
  5. Enchanté(e) – “Please to meet you.”
  6. Coucou – “Hey!”
  7. Allô? – “Hello?”
  8. Excusez-moi? – “Excuse me”
  9. Pardon ? – “ Excuse me”
  10. Enchanté(e) – “Pleased to meet you”

Here’s your first lesson:

Bonjour – “How are you?”
Très bien, merci – “Very good, thank you.”
Je vais bien, merci – “I am doing well, thank you.”

Let’s continue:

Bonjour – “How are you?”
Comment allez-vous – “How are you?” (Formal)
Comment vas-tu – “How are you?” (informal)
S’il vous plaît – “Please”
Merci – “Thank you”
Merci beaucoup – “Thank you ver much”
De rien – “You’re welcome”
Oui – “Yes”
Non – “No ”
Comment vous appelez-vous ? – “What is your name?”
Je m’appelle Tommy – “My name is Tommy.”
Parlez-vous anglais ? – “Do you speak English?”
Parlez-vous français ? – “Do you speak French”
Je ne parle pas francais – “I do not speak French”
Je ne parle pas anglais – “I do not speak English”
Parlez plus lentement s’il vous plaît ! – “Speak more slowly please!”
Je ne comprends pas – “I don’t understand”
Je comprends – “I understand”
Où est ? – Where is?
Où est Musee ? – “Where is the museum?”
Où est Hotel ? – “Where is the hotel?”
Où est Cathédrale ? – “Where is the cathedral?”
Où est le poste ? – “Where is the post office?”
J’ai un réservation – “I have a reservation”
Combien ? – “How much?”
Eau – “Water”
Vin – “ Wine”
Vin roughe – “Red wine”
Vin Blanc – “White wine”
Béer – “Beer”

Train Information:

Gare – “Train station”
SNCF – “Train company”
Billets – “Train ticket”
Train – “Train”
Départ – “Departure”
Arrivée – “Arriva’l”
Bureau de vente de billets – “Ticket office”
J’ai besoin d’un billet – “ I need a train ticket”

How do you say “I love you” in French?

It’s easy, and there are so many ways to express your love for your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife or husband. Continue by click with our next lesson



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