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We remained silent for a few minutes—
Then, the hotel phone rang and when I went to get up from the bed. I fell right back in Gabrielle’s arms.
Her legs were bounded in mine, naturally it seemed, feeling somewhat shy, perhaps a decoy or distraction, or more like not wanting to let go. She kept her eyes on mine, as I slowly got up and she pulled me back in again.
“But the phone Gabrielle,” I said with laughter.
“I know KC.”
“Would you like me to answer that?”
“Would you, please…”
“Can you let go of me, please.”
“Oh, pardon.”
“Gabrielle, now you’re on my back. Would you like a piggyback ride?”
“Ah Oui,” and I carried her to the living room and I picked up the phone to listen to the message while she kissed me in the ear.
Annotation: Cute readers… I needed that.
“Gabrielle, I can’t hear the message.”
“I know.”
I redialed the front desk and listened to the message. It was a reminder that she had a nine o’clock wakeup call and that her flight would leave in two hours.
I turned my head and spoke in a quiet voice.
“You’re leaving today Gabrielle?”


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