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Let me ask you something. Did you ever read a book that is exactly what you needed at the time, at the right moment? Well, this is the book and ongoing series; filled with true love, in our words and actions and you’ll be quite surprised how many times KC writes the word love, or how he describes how we made love with our hearts to each other—Bravo, KC!!

With this, this is the kind of book that seeps into your soul. It is completely heartbreaking, yet it is filled with so much love and hope and at times, I couldn’t breathe while reliving our lovely story. I would literally hold my breath and wait for a moment to give me a reason to relax while the memories rushed back into my heart, into my soul as I held KC’s hand…

The love between Renée and KC can only be described as majestic and the instant that KCr lays his eyes on Renée, he was done for. Words cannot explain on how beautifully written it was including KC’s ongoing series. Our love story is heartbreaking, and Renée never comes off as young and naive woman; she’s so strong, smart, elegant and funny and she has a beautiful heart, a heart of gold. I want to just hug her and console at at times.

And as for our beloved love, KC. He’s just as beautiful inside and out as Renée. KC loves this girl so fiercely, that he would do everything just to make sure that she was content. At times in our book, Renée never loses track of her love for him, and when KC and the boys would have to take an unexpected business trip, the look on her face and the way she felt so empty when he wasn’t around. My heart breaks for her,

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