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We live a great life, and believe me we were quite thankful for every minute of every day. Sometimes you need a lot of luck, some of it is hard work, but in the end, we didn’t choose our careers, it chose us. For many… life could seem impossible at times, but we were given an opportunity to do something fun and nothing more. I remember when Isabelle didn’t want to go. She was still new, and her soften spoken words, “Can you come with me, KC?” Ah, she’s too cute and then there’s Renée who put her hands on Isabelle’s shoulders and whispered, “Just like the way KC taught us Isabelle.” I remember both girls were a little nervous, too nervous, and when they started to walk, I closed my eyes because Renée forgot to turn left, followed by Isabelle. But, they did run back, and yes there were a few laughs, but in the end, they pulled it off.

I was so proud of both of them.Paris, Arvil 05

Collecting Moments

Ah, before she was getting ready for her show she whispered, “Don’t leave, KC.” I whispered back, “I’m right here. Don’t worry…” Then, the music started to play and the look she gave me. 🎶🎶 It feels like the first time…. feels like the very first time. 🎶🎶

That one summer night in Paris

But for now, guys. I leave all my worldly possessions and a promising career in NY to explore the Parisian lifestyle while I shape the girl’s career.

01As I penned my thoughts about that night; the lights were dimmed, the sound of the camera shutters clicked like synchronized swimmers and the soft European trans-music played over the PA sound system. Renée was next, and all eyes were on her, and before you knew it, everything I taught her went out the door and then I heard a loud popping sound. I turned to look at Isabelle as her deflated grape bubble gum hung below her chin with her mouth wide opened. Renée was terrified and constantly looking for me while I ran backstage to support her. I had only a few minutes or so to help her stay focused. And, out of nowhere, she leaned in and to my surprise, she kissed me on the lips. I looked around and luckily nobody saw that. I didn’t know what to think, but I said nothing. It was a moment that remained in our hearts, from that one kiss, it changed the course our lives.

Finally, the chaos was over within ten minutes, and the photographers and reporters were all over the place doing their jobs wanting to cover Renée’s story and surprisingly Isabelle’s, too. But, I instructed the girls to exit from the back and meet me outside. From there, that route would take us directly to the hotel in seven minutes——I could already see that this experience was too overwhelming.

Cette chanson me fera toujours pleurer…C’EST TROP BEAU!!!!!!!!
♫  Today’s BMG from Our Playlist. Enjoy!!
Foreigner – Feels Like The First Time

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