Oshkosh—It’s an American thing in Paris

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This is from Histoires D’amour Cachées (HIDDEN LOVE STORIES) Book Four. Part Two.

A little later that night, Yulia left a note for us that read, “Guys, Madeleine and I went out shopping and there are some cute photographs of you and Isabelle on the laptop. See you in a few hours, bisous, bisous… XoX.”

I turned to my right and there was my laptop on the coffee table. I grabbed the remote and pressed play, and there were a lot of photographs of Isabelle and I lying down on the couch and then Isabelle woke up and said, “KC… KC, ah you’re right here in my arms.”

“Hey Isabelle take a look at what Yulia did. She took some photographs of us sleeping.” Isabelle rubbed her eyes and then she started to tear and said, “Oh, KC. You held me like that, and I love that photograph of your hand on my stomach and you giving me a kiss.”

Isabelle wrapped her arms around me and started to fall asleep again and so did I right in her arms, right where we belong, in ‘our’ flat, on ‘our couch’, in ‘our hearts’, and there’s no other place where I’d rather be right now.

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