Marc Stamas Paris, near the hilltops of Paris
thinking about today
cupcakes | 16 October

Paris Diary: One of the first places I brought the girls et surtout on sourit 🙂 If you’re an artist,

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Marc Stamas and Paris roof tops
Isabelle | 11 October

Let me ask you something. Did you ever read a book that is exactly what you needed at the time,

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mon amour
cupcakes | 2 October

We remained silent for a few minutes— Then, the hotel phone rang and when I went to get up from

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Berties Cupcakes Paris. France
cupcake obsession
cupcakes | 26 September

Excerpt from Book I. Je ne partirai pas san toi. (I’ll never let you go) The girls were always thinking

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Paris Ferris Wheel
grande roue de paris
cupcakes | 19 September

WHAT WOULD BE a day in Paris without going for a Ferris wheel ride in the middle of the night?

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Marc Stamas and Paris
Walking with a ghost
Isabelle | 9 September

I remember that awful day. I remember Mikey was exhausted, and he could barely keep his eyes opened. He’s been

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