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News: It’s been more than two months since Paris shut down the country. Paris seems to be eerie and now everyone is thinking about what ‘new’ rules the government has put forth.

The streets are virtually dead, but there was always a friendly wave coming from those I met on the street. Paris seems to have dropped that rude ass behavior. Maybe they’ve learned something about themselves. 

“Will Paris survive after the lockdown? Of course!”



Bars, restaurants and cafés will not be able to open until June/July at the earliest. And for the unseen future, the tourism industry dead.  Maybe Paris needs a break, and as I walk these empty streets. Of course, a freakin’ Monsoon hit and it’s abso-fuckin-lutely miserable — Oh, well.

P.S. If you’re attempting to go to France, good luck. Unless your an essential worker, a citizen or someone who is a non-citizen who resides in Paris. The French government has introduced a ‘quatorzaine‘ s 14-day quarantine period.

P.S. Quatorzaine à l’arrivée en France, quels voyageurs seront soumis à la mesure ? Comme nous l’indiquions, il y a quelques jours, la France a décide de mettre en place une quatorzaine pour les voyageurs en provenance de pays à risques, quelque soit leur nationalité.

Anyway, I wish I could recommend places to see, but everything’s closed.

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