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I remember when Isabelle had to go away for a few days. Whoahhhh! Finally, Renée and I were alone and she looked to her left, then her right and whispered, “Psst, KC.”
“Um, Renée I’m sitting right here.”
“Shsss, listen. Isabelle has to go away for two days and you know what that means.”
“I’m not painting our flat again.”
Renée tapped me on the chest and said, “No silly, but maybe, no, you just painted it three months ago,” and she leaned in and whispered, “KC, we’ll be alone, just you and me.”
“Alone,” and I shot up like a bolt of energy and said, “Talk to be Baby.”
“Exactly KC and what’s with that smile?”
“What smile? Was I smiling?”
“Ah… Are you happy to be alone with me or are you happy that Isabelle won’t be here?”
“Renée what was with that smile?”
“Smile? It was nothing. Was I smiling?”
“Are you thinking what I’m thinking Renée?”
“Talk to me Baby,” and Isabelle came into the kitchen with a towel wrapped around her head wearing her Hello Kitty bathrobe that she brought in Japan and said, “Ahhhhh, I know that smile. Are you happy that I’ll be gone for two days? I was talking to you KC.”
I put my head down and said, “Who me?”
“Yes, you.”
“Are you sure?”
“Renée was just helping me cope while were separated Isabelle.”
Isabelle put her hands on the side of hips and said, “You know, I can ask my mother to take care of both of you when I’m gone.”
“NO! I mean I wouldn’t want to trouble her Isabelle.”
“You expect me to believe that KC?”

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