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Excerpt from Book III. Jolies Pensées (Pretty Thoughts)

I’M BACK IN PARIS and if feels like the first time I ever smelled fresh baguettes. I’m not being vulnerable or nostalgic as I see the people around me; my inner circle and I look at these people and I get a little bit smarter. But, my experiences have taught me a great deal and I thank the ones closest around me.

I mean how often is it that you’re surrounded by amazing and trustworthy people? I stand here because I have nothing but disdain for when I was dripping with contempt the way I did a few years back, especially this year when Mikey said to me hang on to your hat from here on forward.

But, now my head tends to drift and I remember when Renée gave me her usual history lesson about food, tea/thé detoxing and then Le Bon Marché. I guess the family tradition continues, readers:


“Oui, Renée.”

“Did you know that Le Bon Marché is considered by many to be the world’s first department store?”

“Really? Older than Walmart?”

Renée looked at me with a disgusted look on her face and I back pedaled and said, “I was just joking, continue.”

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