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Annotation: I received a message from Isabelle while the boys and I were out of the country, and I couldn’t help but read it a few times while Mikey stared at me not knowing when I would—

I feel your love when you step inside my body, in my heart… And, when I fall into your arms, you always seem to catch me—

KC, you know that I’m always there for you, while I tend to lose my sense of time when your in my arms; and when we whisper promises in the darkness, trading secrets in secrecy as our shadows watch—I love you!!!

I know it’s much too soon to tell you that I need you by my side…

Have a safe trip back!
Love always.
I+KC <3
P.S Tout est vide sans toi, mon cœur se serre quand tu t’en vas.

♫  Today’s BMG from Our Playlist. Enjoy!!
EMBRZ – Silent (feat. Amy Rose)



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