Stepping into a day dream

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The girls first time in Paris.

I remember this place just like it was yesterday and it was the first time Renée and Isabelle had ever seen an escalator: like magnets, they froze in each other’s arms as they held my hand while the escalator slowly made its way to the top.

I remember telling them, “Just imagine that you’re jumping over the waves at the beach. It’s easy. You got this…,” and  soon, not more than a few feet away from the top, the girls grip tightened, their faces started to panic, and they looked at each other with uncertainty, then at me, and in a state of panic with one last step; come on girls, you can do this, remember to push off and don’t stop.

When we reached the top, they both jumped on my back like monkeys at the zoo.

“Like this KC?” said Renée?

“That was pretty easy KC. Let’s eat,” said Isabelle.

Annotation: Memorable! LOL!

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