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Diary: C’est moi, Isabelle. Ah, KC. He’s so creative and manly; an Alpha Male with a heart of gold one moment, but if you rattle his cage. He’ll tear your heart out in a split second! Ah, that American spirit, a tough New Yorker who prides himself like a tough man parading his tattoos. But now, we’re in Paris, at one of our favorite museums discussing the great artists of the twentieth century. This had an everlasting profound effect on us. A remarkable era.

Deep breath… Paris, Août 22

Stone Art

Both pieces of art that you see in this post were created by KC. It really evolved into something quite emotional; an unexpected piece of work. Stone Art Protective Love Ah, he sleeps while I sit on his lap, glancing into his eyes. Sleep, Mon Amour…

01You know, in the present, not too many Americans take to the streets of Paris. I would love to see KC bring back that Lost Generation, but be smarter than those of the past while aimlessly getting lost in the City of Lights. But what is it that Paris has to offer artists that is not found here in America? The difference is quite simple. It’s the art and culture that is embedded within their lifestyle, while on the other hand, as KC says, ‘America only sees the dollar value and exploitations for such artists. It’s mind blowing and let me tell you it’s quite clear how poorly people are behaving in America with their obsessive behavior and idolism.’

So true, KC… So, sad… and you know what readers… I think I’ll leave it for another time… or maybe not. Now, I’m starting to sound like KC.

I love the way that KC surrenders his heart to art and romance. I remember when KC wrote in one of his novels, ‘The culture in Paris is rich. Their lives are shaped like an epilogue and it should be acknowledged even in the way the French women wear their scarves. They were never ignored by my eyes while they embed their personalities into their own daily lives. The Parisian women are a reflection of themselves and I can see clues within their own personal lives and romances. A piece of lovely art…’

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