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December 5, 2019: Paris police order shops, bars, cafes, department stores and restaurants to close over fears of violence during Thursday’s massive strike. This is the biggest strike since 1995 and the government predicts that this will be worse.

Here we go again. France’s economy is the brink of collapse. The EU as a whole is right behind France and they’re looking everywhere for money.

Pro-tip: Economics 101. It’s the economy stupid! The corruption and bullshit the French and Europeans have endured is criminal. Wake the hell up!

Now, the protests are over Emmanuel Macron’s plans ‘again‘ to reform France’s pension system besides other referendums. It’s obvious that the French government is an inoperative governance, and the people have had it. The People of France have lost how they have been governed by the People who voted them in. This is a trend that we say all around the world.

“Politics is more dangerous than a war, for in war you are only killed once.”

–Winston Churchill


Affected Services

1) Eleven Metro lines will be closed crippling service by Thursday’s strike. Just 10 percent of trains will be running in France on Thursday.
2) One fifth of flights in France will also be hit by Thursday’s strike.
3) French firefighters have set up camp in a Paris to protest, teachers, students  farmers, civil servants, train services,  (RATP), SNCF and Eurostar, bus drivers, truckers, postal services, doctors, nurses, lawyers… just to main a few.
4) Construction and oil companies.

The French seem to have striking in their blood, and the only way to achieve their message in France is to unify. The French unions feel they are justified, and as a result, their actions will cripple the country. Maybe bring the country to a halt will wake up the government and the demands of the People.

As a French Citizen, this affects me and everyone that I know. The French will strike (en grève) at any given time and for anything they can strike for. Be prepared because the French take protesting to another level. I want the French government to know and I thanks them for destroying my country.

Last: Again, the government will label the protestors or yellow vests as terroristic disruptors, or in French ‘casseurs’, hooligans or antagonistic vandals. So let me get this straight. You strain our social life structure and force us to become subjects rather than citizens! What has happen to my country and Europe in general? If you push someone to their breaking points. What would you expect to happen? Political Corruption. We’ve been sold out and lied to!

Annotation: As my husband says, and he quotes a great novel — ‘It take a great effort to see what is under one’s nose,’ he continues. ‘This is a hopeful thing to see as the French and the People of other countries are not remaining entirely supine.’

Sectors that will not be affected

  • Emergency services such as police officers, fire and emergency medical services
  • Judges
  • Army personnel
  • Prison guards
  • The Apple Store <—Need I say more?

Helpful links

Paris’ Major Train Stations

1. Gare de l’Est
Address: Place du 11 novembre 1918, 75010 Paris
Website: Gard-SNCF

2. Gare du Nord
Address: 18 Rue de Dunkerque, 75010 Paris,
Website: Gard-SNCF

3. Paris Gare de Lyon paris
Address: Place Louis-Armand, 75571 Paris, France
Website: Gard-SNCF

4. Gare Montparnasse
Address: 17 Boulevard de Vaugirard, 75741
Website: Gard-SNCF

Anyway, if you’re in Paris or France in the month of December. Good luck! Should you cancel your trip? That’s up to you. But, why would you want to go through all that chaos in Paris or/and throughout France…

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