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What I miss about France

As a Parisian, I’m often asked what I miss about Paris and France in general? Even though I don’t reside there anymore. I do travel back to Paris about four

Au Revoir Paris !

Au Revoir, Paris ! Mon a, Mon Amour. It’s early, and I’m leaning up against our tall, wooden doorway, gazing out towards the street. And as always, here comes KC

Paris Love Stories – Nothing has changed

Where are all the preachers, or the men of science to explain this to me? For all the sacrifices that I have made in life, and this is how I

Paris love letters

A little note from my semi-off dark black notepad. It’s timeless, endless like the ocean and her depths, the ocean’s deep blue, like Isabelle’s ocean blue/green eyes. Always calm, inviting

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