The Chinese Coronavirus situation in France is slowly improving

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News: French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said on Sunday that the Chinese Coronavirus situation in France is improving “slowly but surely,” while warning that the health crisis was far from over.

Although there are signs that the number of people in intensive care had dropped, it still doesn’t cover the botched job president Macron, the French and EU government has done. The people of France should be outraged and China should be punished to the full extent – that includes the WHO, The UN and any other corrupted organization that has the word WORLD in it! You’ve been brainwashed and you’re too stupid realize it!

Remember: The Untied States is the only country who has stepped up to contain (modeling) and while it defeats the Chinese Coronavirus. On top of that, the United States again has taken the lead to help the rest of the world!

In the end, the French government has taken NO steps to go after China! It goes to show you that the people of France are nothing and the o-almighty dollar corrupted dollar IS! When are you people going to wake the fuck up????

Coronavirus : “Nous allons devoir apprendre à vivre avec le virus” dit Édouard Philippe. Comme l’avait annoncé le président Emmanuel Macron, les seniors ne seront pas obligés de rester confinés après le 11 mai, a indiqué Olivier Véran, écartant ainsi un déconfinement par tranche d’âge. Cette hypothèse avait provoqué un vif débat.

Il a ensuite indiqué qu’un débat parlementaire aurait lieu début sur les conditions de déconfinement. “Il est indispensable”, assure le premier ministre, rappelant encore une fois que ce déconfinement serait progressif.


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