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Things to do in Paris, 2020. My advice is Don’t Travel! Be smart and remember that French President Macron lied to the French citizens. He stated that ‘the Chinese Coronavirus has been contained’ — then quickly did a 180 and is claiming ‘we’re only at the beginning’ as effects of the coronavirus bite across the continent.’ How well did that go with in France, and how could the people be so stupid to elect this man who is continuously destroying France? Again, add the Chinese Coronavirus into the mix: Stay home and don’t travel!

PSA 1. Keep those borders opened, Macron. See how France has turned into a shithole, endangering the French people, with never-ending strikes, terrorism, rape, crime, turning France into a state of constant surveillance as well as militarized country as one big statistic. Take that with a grain of salt because they always undercut the numbers, as we know. Good job!

PSA 2: It’s hard to believe that France was classified with the lack of good hygiene practices; ranked 50th out of 63 countries, in a study published in 2015. This puts France at higher risk than other seasonal viral infections. It’s hard to believe that a quarter of French people do not wash their hands after going to the toilet, and less than half wash their hands before eating. I’m grossed out! What the Fuck France!

It also showed that around 25% of men do not shower everyday, versus 20% of women. Among men aged over 65, more than half say they do not wash everyday. Of men, 5% said they only wash once a week, compared to 4% of women.

PSA 3: Scientifically proven that forced diversity does not work and forced migration! Globalism is the death of any nation. France is unrecognizable as well as the rest of Europe. It’s hard to believe that Sweden is the rape and bombing capital of the world, the UK is the knife stabbing capital of the world and a hotbed for terrorists, too. Ah, those witty brits! Ah, and let’s not forget about those Germans and the end of Germany as we know it. And just to add icing on the cake, the poor Greeks are being bombarded with an influx of illegal migration from Syria.

PSA 3.1: What do all of these countries listed above have in common? The citizens never asked of this, while world governments continue to violate their laws. Wake the fuck up people and take back your country!

PSA 4: We were told that the Chinese Coronavirus effects the elderly. However, what they are not telling you that it effects everyone. Two doctors in China who were working on the Chinese Coronavirus outbreak were both under the age of 25 — dead due the virus.

PSA 5: France’s health minister has stated that ‘we have reached a new stage of the epidemic; we are now passing into stage 2 of three in total. This is much a bigger impact than we thought.’ Ya thing, you stupid ass schmuck!

PSA 6: When the government says they have everything under control – you run!

PSA 7: The reinfection rate is high, this is a very intelligent virus, the facts prove other wise. For all those who drank the kool aid and believe everything they hear. Here is fake chart provided by John Hopkins, case-by-case reporting – note, not full reporting. Review here.

PSA 8: CDC General Informational Educational Page: Chinese Coronavirus Warning

We have a mortal responsibility to call out China, world governments and a problem that will occur over and over again. I am disgusted with China and all they can say that this is a level of racism! They’re lying and claiming they conquered the coronavirus and claiming victory — stating that China can do it better than any other country. Meanwhile, you wait, they’ll start to play the blame game and point this to America or other countries, the corrupted WHO has changed the name from the Chinese Corona Virus to COVID-19, and Mexico is pissed off because it’s effecting their beer business, Corona Beer.

The CDC, the most efficiency agency in the world has called this a worldwide pandemic, while the WHO states its not. These are the fuckers in charge? They need to disappear because they want us dead.

Right now, the American military is currently looking at the obvious that China produced this and tested it with Iran and released this as a biological weapon; to hinder the world financial markets and to have the world depend upon China for production. That’s how China works, and remember Wuhan has its biological test center in China. Now, the world community is quietly starting to discuss this matter. Be about fuckin’ time!

If you have any basic knowledge about epidemiology, which you should have if you had studied in school — most likely not. We need to examine morbidity and mortality and its cause an effect. I’m not going into to detail but we need a passive vaccine to destroy this virus, levels of nanotechnology while microbiologists need to come together to develop the precise serums such as Antibodies and Antigens to quickly test clinical effectiveness as well as replicating the virus strands; Antimetabolites research compounds are needed for immediate development for Antimicrobial drugs. Right now we are exiting Stage II (pre epidemic), next is Stage III (pandemic) and during that time, its lights out. My guess France will move this to a State III pandemic. So, put your damn cellphone down and start educating yourself on this topic and see the pattern that we’ve experienced with SARS, MERS, ZIKA, Swine ‘flu’ Influenza, Ebola and even AIDS with extrapulmonary manifestations surveying DMVs membranous structures within the last 50 years.

It’s time for the world community to punish China. Stop protecting them and accepting bribes to downplay their bullshit! Where is the international community to punish China for destroying the environment, destroying the Ozone layer,a forceful totalitarian government, human rights abusers, and most importantly — releasing not just SARS outbreak in 2003 worldwide, but now the Coronavirus.

People need to understand how China works; every single newspaper and news outlets have to abide to one set of rules of propaganda. What do you expect when the people have been brainwashed for so long, they not interested nor motivated to do something about this. The Chinese people deserve better than this and they better wake up!

On that note, let’s look at some facts: We were told that the Wuhan population is 30+ million people, but it’s higher than that because China is lying about it’s population stats, and China is claiming that only a few thousand have been effected. Do the math folks! Have you ever been on a train or at a crowded venue? You’re talking about a country that has no idea what’s hygiene — a filthy country, while most of its under-class population lives in poverty and poor education. With endless wet-markets, poor refrigeration and no-modern amenities — what do you expect? I’m not demising the people, but I blame the Chinese government. Here is a very good video calling out China’s bullshit.

As a result, the news and governments are terrorizing-world-citizens, stocks have dropped and production has come to a halt, all because of China! Real epidemiologist are being silenced, and it is obvious that this has transformed into a pandemic. And remember that face masks don’t work, so don’t go out and waste your money.

China is putting the world at risk and why in the hell would America and other countries work with a communist nation? A nation built on corruption, greed and money means everything. For example, try and find a mask, hand sanitizer or alcohol wipes or thermometers on the shelves. The Chinese in America and in other countries are hording these items and selling them at a 1000%.

On top of that, all the worldwide news outlets are playing along with China, lying to the people and making this very serious matter into a joke by claiming that the flu kills more people than the coronavirus. Honestly, I’m getting fucking pissed off with this and my government not taking strict action.

With that, China’s economy is in the shitter, forcing factories to open or appear that they are opened and that everything is all well. They’re propaganda is working while this evil government is rewriting its history.

Historical educational tip: Remember that Spanish influenza pandemic of 1918. 500 million people or almost one-third of the world’s population at the time (1,6 billion people) became infected with this virus. The number of deaths recorded were estimated around 50 million worldwide — the current world’s population is at 8 billion.

Global case numbers reported by the World Health Organization

Anyway, back to Paris. If you’re an American, and you have been quarantine in France. Contact the US Embassy to be airlifted back to America. Note: You will be financial responsible to get back home.

In the end, don’t panic, avoid large crowds or venues or transportation: be smart, stay clean as well disinfecting your home. Again, once again, remember that face masks cannot protect you — another lie that government and the pharmaceutical companies have told their citizens.

We have to be the adults in the room, we need real solutions, real scientific facts, from real epidemiologists and take off the blinders. Again, it’s time to punish China, and too punish world governments and news outlets for causing panic and spreading false news — just for network ratings.

  • US. Embassy Paris, France
    +33 (1) 43 12 22 22
  • US. Consulate General Marseille, France
    +33 (1) 43 12 22 22

Anyway, to end this mass-hysteria, keep a cool head and don’t panic. If you’re a dramatic snowflakin’ pussy ass fuck-boy. You’ll need to stock up on diapers or take your own life now because you’re a weak link! We need strong men and strong leaders! Remember, it’s your personal responsibility to be prepared for the worst and to never, ever depend on the government — it’s up to you.

So, let me ask you a question. Do you a med-kit, a two-week food supply and plenty of guns and ammo in your home? Probably not. Most people don’t have a plan or any formal training; camping/hunting or a military skill set to survive. On the flip side, I believe that President Trump is doing the best he can, but it’s not enough! Our government needs to wake the fuck up and take further action to prevent a nationwide pandemic.

But just like anything else, only time will tell, and I might be wrong. Just remember we haven’t had a pandemic in a while, and maybe its time we have a reduction in the world population. It may sound cruel, but if it came down to one’s survival. You’d agree with me and don’t deny it because if came down to survival; a food shortage for example. I wouldn’t hesitate to kill you and your family for a can of beans.

To close this out, tell me how’s it possible that within a hundred years or so – we went from a population of 1.6 billion to 8 billion? Sooner or later, there won’t be enough resources to sustain survival. That’s a scientific fact — especially those in third-world countries or impoverished nations that produce nothing for their country or anything on the world stage that have become a burden on the world. Cruel? Survival? I base all my decisions and research with science and facts. The answer to this question is survival for mankind. We have seen to many diseases in the last fifty-years that the CDC and other health agencies around the world that can’t keep up. Need i say more?


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